The company ENERGOMONTAŻ-POŁUDNIE KATOWICE Sp. z o.o. has performed or has been performing a number of projects, including projects of strategic importance to Poland. The most significant tasks performed by the Company include:

LNG Terminal in Świnoujście – installation of technical pipelines and equipment in the facility
  • erection of pipelines (15,000 joints were made)

  • erection of pipe racks’ steel structures for LNG process lines

  • installation of Biofilters

  • integration and installation of HIPPS collecting pipes

  • integration and installation of Roof of the TK-6001 vessel

  • installation of external TK-8050 fuel tank

  • installation of Truck Weighting Scales

  • installation of Emergency Power Supply of Generators

  • installation of Bridge Cranes

  • assembly of Submerged Combustion Vaporized Unit

  • assembly of BOG Compressors with piping

The project will contribute to the growth of energy security of Poland; will meet an increased demand for natural gas in Poland and its sales to the other countries. The construction of the LNG terminal is complementary to projects of Gaz System SA concerning the development of natural gas transmission system in Poland.

POŁANIEC Power Plant – modernization of boilers B1 – B7
  • replacement of screens of the Furnace Chamber

  • replacement of bunch of Superheaters

  • assembly of a Compensator between the Horizontal Draft Passage and the Second Pass

  • modernization of the Furnace Area in the Furnace Chamber


NATO – construction of fuel storage tanks
assembling and welding works on steel structures during the construction of high-capacity fuel storage tanks

FORTUM Zabrze – modernization of regeneration system of the TG – 7 turbine set
  • project of new Regenerative Preheaters

  • disassembly of the Regenerative System

  • manufacturing and assembly of Regenerative Preheaters

  • introduction of changes in the Regenerative System

  • performance of anticorrosion coating
    and insulation

  • performing pressure tests and start-up
    of the system

ANWIL Włocławek – repair of Crystallizer and steam systems of the boiler, as well as cooling and condensation systems on Boiler No. 1
  • dismantling and assembling of Crystallizer
    with a weight of 180 t

  • dismantling and assembling of technological platforms

  • dismantling and assembling of valves
    with pipeline installation

  • refurbishment of valves and heat exchangers  


KOZIENICE Power Plant –  modernization of Boiler K7
  • modernization of the combustion air system
    of the boiler
  • replacement of pipelines connecting
    the secondary steam superheaters
  • replacement of drain valves and gate valves
    of the boiler



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